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I realise that a couple of you have tagged me to do the ‘Four Things’ meme that everyone seems to be doing. I haven’t done it yet and don’t intend to, mainly because my answers are incredibly boring. My first 4 jobs haven’t been particularly interesting, I don’t tend to watch films much more than twice (and certainly couldn’t name 4), I’ve only lived in 2 places, and the only websites I visit daily (or almost daily) are sites like Gmail, Bloglines, the University Intranet and University Blackboard system.
Sorry Greg and Joe, but I won’t be taking up your tagging offer.


  1. Spoil sport. You might as well do it. Every other site I’ve visited this week has it. Do it. Your viewing public demands it.

  2. Another Joe? Surely not…

  3. Go on Neil, be a lemming…
    we all float down here 😛