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Lottery Win

Since the Euromillions jackpot topped £100 million on Friday, I decided to buy myself a couple of tickets, on the off-chance that the 25,312,500,000 to 1 odds of me winning the jackpot would go my way. Obviously it didn’t, as no-one won, but I got an email today (since I play online) that I had actually won something. I’m now an amazing £8.90 richer. Woo.
(And yes, I definitely checked it was the real National Lottery who sent the email. It was the correct web site and the correct SSL certificate)
With next week’s jackpot an estimated £125 million, I’m playing again. If I were to be the sole winner I’d be one of the 400th richest people in the country, though to be honest I’d probably leave to avoid the publicity and begging letters that I’d no doubt get.


  1. The big lottery over here is Powerball. Unfortunately, you can’t buy tickets online for it. Too bad really…I imagine they would get a lot more people playing if they did.
    The jackpot is $156 million now…which is very high for them (it gets this high a couple times a year).
    The drawings are every Wednesday and Saturday, so I will probably buy a ticket for this Wednesday’s. I only play when the jackpot is high.

  2. Chris G., the big lottery here is the National Lottery. Draws are on Wednesday and Saturday too.

  3. Neil, baby. Should you win, and I have a feeling you will, just don’t forget about little ol’ me, the mother of your children.
    Our big game here is called Mega Millions, played on Tuesday and Friday, is up to $61 million. As yet, we can’t play on line.
    P.S. Congrats on the £8.90. That’s something.

  4. Actually EuroMillions is run by the National Lottery (in the UK) and draws every Friday. It tends to have bigger jackpots than our own National Lottery since you have players from 8 (I think) European countries. You can play EuroMillions and the other National Lottery draws online, as well as Thunderball and Lottery Extra which are two other draws (which I think are Saturday only).

  5. I can beat that.
    I got just seven quid in Friday’s draw. Immense.
    They were a day later than usual with their email notification.
    I guess they were building the suspense.

  6. Neil, you really would leave the country if you won? Interesting. Where would you go?

  7. I don’t know, probably somewhere quite remote. It would be to avoid the media and begging letters for a few months.
    Unfortunately having a blog like this would probably make me much easier to find, so I’d probably have to stop posting here for a while.
    In any case, I’d be happy with far less than £125,000,000. £100,000 would do nicely – it’d pay off my student loans (and those of my friends), get me a really nice selection of computers and buy me a reasonable house, or get a mortgage going.

  8. You do realise that after saying that Neil, if you don’t post on Friday night or Saturday, we’ll have to assume you’ve won the 125 million pound (that’s over $220 million) jackpot… 😉
    I’m in a syndicate at work and our boss was a bit surprised that if we won the Euromillions that we’d all resign!

  9. You can’t buy your ticket online in Ireland at all. So I’ve to suffer the hassle of going to the shop for my Euromillions ticket! Didn’t win anything last week but I swear, that €180 million is mine!
    To the poster who mentioned the Powerball, there is one significant difference between lotteries over here and in the US, in the US you choose either a lump sum or the entire amount over time, in Europe you get the whole lot in one go!

  10. I’ve always wondered about those online outfits, even the ones that are government sanctioned. I mean, what’s to prevent someone from doctoring the records if those online outfits does one day, some how, score the winning ticket?
    Imagine if all of the liquor stores that handle lottery held tickets in proxy for their customers… there’d be a lot of temptation if that store ever did sell a winning ticket.

  11. congratulations on the win of £8.90, I recently won £4.7 million on the national lottery, hope you are happy with your winnings… I know I am hope you did not spend it all in one go.

  12. I just got an email saying i won 2,000,000euros from The National Lottery…can this be true? I know a lot of online emails that say the same thing but asks for bank account numbers. I am confused….please help.

  13. Cindy: Probably not. Unless you play the lottery online you won’t get emails about winning, and if it has poor spelling and grammar and a non-UK claim address then it’s definitely a scam.

  14. i have a new consept for a game i made up with big,big prizes ,,would it be possible by law to set up your own lottery online or by phone text
    can anyone advise what i would need to do to make this a reality!
    prizes are payed from £35 for 1 number ,,2 numbers £1500,,3 numbers £60,000 ,,,4 numbers correct £2.5 million!
    would anyone play with these payouts!!