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Random Queries #7

Another one of the random queries used to get to this site:

how to make msn

If by MSN you mean MSN Messenger, then you’re probably going to need some kind of code compiler, and a knowledge of the MSN protocols. My advice would be to just use something like Gaim or aMSN which are already open source and can be compiled quite easily.


  1. I get funny search terms too, these people are stupid.

  2. Or could it have been “how to make men” ? LOL.

  3. Actually this one makes sense to me, they may well have been interested in what weird and wonderfull things people were making MSN do. And it seems like a fairly sensible search for that. Or they could just have missed a word off the end – I used to do that all the time on this keyboard when I first got it, the keys are smaller than standard so I’d often find my pinky finger over the enter key rather than the ‘ key.

  4. i hope you get this babby