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Your BBFC Rating

I did this two years ago but thought I’d do it again. It’s a quiz that tells you BBFC film rating (BBFC is the British Board of Film Classification). Here’s mine:

Rated 12A
Suitable for 12 years or older, but under 18s must be with an adult. This is virtually identical to the 12 certificate, in that we’ll have some adult-themed storylines, but no real meat or detail. No scary bits, but some language and maybe a bit of skin.

Examples: Die Another Day, Lord Of The Rings

That’s up from a bog-standard 12 last time, so I’ve become marginally more mature in 2 years. What’s yours?


  1. “Suitable for 15 years or older”.

  2. “Suitable for 18 years or older.
    This is real life. Anything in this category is considered to be of subject matter relating to adult life, that happens day in and day out. Walking down the street is an 18 certificate. You have a life, well done.
    Examples: American Beauty, Scary Movie”
    No comment 🙂

  3. I’m suitable for those 15 years or older.
    I don’t know about the UK, but that’s illegal over here…

  4. Lord Of The Rings? I wonder why under 18 must be supervised?