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Life update

Hari commented earlier that I hadn’t done one of these in a while, and since I’m a little uninspired post-wise right now it can help fill up some blogging quota 🙂 .

  • My exams are over! I had my last one yesterday, which went quite well. It was about cryptography, and 25% of the paper was on SHA-1, which was unexpected but I think I got it mostly right. Today I also had a presentation which mostly went okay..
  • Hari and I went out for an early evening meal tonight, and we both managed to stuff ourselves silly. I felt incredibly bloated for about half an hour after eating. I’m now in a computer lab in the university while she’s next door rehearsing for a play. It’s in March but I gather there’s a lot to be done over the next 6 weeks.
  • Tomorrow we’re going out somewhere for the day – either Leeds or Manchester – just really to have a day off and away from Bradford. Though I generally like Bradford, it’s often good to get away sometimes too.
  • If you were hoping that I’d be selling my Dad’s old laptop on eBay sometime soon then I’m afraid I already have a buyer, so I’ll be spending the next couple of days re-installing Windows on it. It’s going to a friend of mine, who I trust quite a lot, so I won’t need to properly wipe the hard disk first (which will take ages).
  • I’m being told by 123-reg (with whom is registered) that I cannot afford not to register, as apparently I need to ensure that my brand is protected. At £15 upfront, plus a £15 fee for the first year (and every year after that), I think I’ll pass and let some other Neil Turner register it if they really want to.


  1. Don’t you get sick of all these new domains like . Oh, wait a sec…

  2. Ooh ooh ooh – come to Leeds! The Commonplace are doing a Venezuela night with films, vegan food, talks, alcohol and music and then back to Bradford and the Shearbridge to finish the night off.
    And if I’d realised you were doing that exam I’d probably have told you it’s always the same as last year except that one question which alternates.
    Mmm, meal – I’m off to go cook.

  3. LOL, tell me about it. I downloaded the past papers from e-pository (obligatory blog entry about it coming up) and saw a number of consistencies. Sure made revising much easier…

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