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Big Up to my main man, Brian Perkins

One thing you see a lot of around Bradford is young men driving around in souped up small cars with really loud stereos, usually playing either r’n’b, bhangra or drum’n’bass or something.
But today someone was driving around in a small car with his stereo turned up, with BBC Radio 4 on. Bradford must be getting more cultured.


  1. Someone must have been lost!

  2. you’re not wrong about the souped up ickle cars, but Radio 4? wow.

  3. Ahem, we were driving round Bradford with Radio 4 on last night. Granted it wasn’t a souped up car and it wasn’t really loud, but people in Bradford do listen to Radio 4 you know – though chances are it’ll be somebody passing through Bradford. You weren’t on the ring-road in the Manningham area were you? When I used to commute that way I’d often hear Radio 4 coming from somebody’s car.