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Opera 8.5 Beta for Windows Mobile

I tried out Opera 8.5 Beta for Windows Mobile. It’s shareware with a 45-day trial, and I imagine the non-beta will be $29 like the other mobile versions of Opera are. If I carry on using my PDA for much longer it may be a worthwhile investment as it’s a big step-up from Pocket IE, which is based on Internet Explorer 4 and doesn’t really work that well with pages that haven’t been optimised specifically for mobile devices.

Incidentally, although I have a stylesheet for handheld devices, Opera ignores this and tries to render the normal one with is designed for 800×600+ resolutions, which means it looks a bit screwed up. Opera does, however, allow you to ‘zoom’ pages, and at 50% this site actually looks okay. WIth my eyesight, 75% seems okay for almost all pages and it does do a much better job at rendering normal pages than Pocket IE. Its user agent is essentially the same as Pocket IE but with Opera/8.5 [en] on the end of it, so presumably most web statistics packages will detect it as Opera, like they do when Opera is in IE-spoofing mode.

The interface is nice and simple too. Ever since Opera for Windows Smartphone came out I’ve been waiting for this and I’m not too disappointed.

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  1. It didn’t work on my Treo.