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What to do when your Netgear DG834 router rejects your password

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been having a problem with our Netgear DG834G router which we use to share our ADSL connection. For some reason, it randomly stopped accepting the correct username and password – at the moment only I know the login credentials and I don’t remember changing them. This is annoying as you need to be able to access the router control panel to be able to enable port forwarding for those applications which do not support UPnP.

What made it worse was that the password reset instructions at Netgear’s site failed to make a difference. The router would simply not return to its factory defaults – it still had our ADSL settings (since we could still access the internet) and the bad login credentials.

Thankfully a kind soul on Netgear Forums had this solution: Unplug the RJ11 (phone line connection) and then hold down the reset button for 10 seconds. That worked for me and all the router’s settings were erased, including the username and password, so we were good to go again.

Remember to have your ADSL username and password handy as you will need these to be able to access the internet again afterwards, and that any other settings like port forwarding will be lost.


  1. I know a lot of people (me included) who have Netgear DG834 routers and everyone, without exception, has had some kind of problem with them and yet they are the recommended by most ADSL providers. This makes me think that either:
    1) All wi-fi routers are rubbish because the technology hasn’t been perfected yet and the DG834 is just the best of a bad bunch.
    2) Netgear has made some kind of ‘agreement’ with various ADSL supplier so that they recommand Netgear routers regardless of whether they are any good.

  2. This has been the only major issue we’ve had with ours, actually. Some Netgear routers are very good but others seem to have some major problems, this one included, it seems.
    Netgear have put out another firmware update recently which I’ve installed – hopefully that might alleviate some of the issues.

  3. That reminds me of a Dell printer at a company I used to work for. Even Dell didn’t know how to do it, but we eventually figured out the correct sequence was remove toner, unplug network cable, hold down a certain button whilst turning it on. And neither of the buttons were particularly well labeled so it usually involved guesswork as to which one you needed to press.
    Now try having somebody with a strong Indian accent describe that procedure to somebody who knows nothing about computers over a poor quality VoIP line. Yes, there were some fun times at that company!

  4. Hit the reset button??