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Posting for the sake of posting

  • I’ve been rather busy lately, hence the relative silence on here. I’ll try to post more frequently in future, if I can.
  • The exam on Monday was, um, interesting. It was probably the hardest exam I’ve ever sat, and I’m not very confident about passing it. Thankfully I wasn’t the only one who had problems. I still have to exams to sit, the next being on Friday, but I’m considerably more confident about those.
  • Hari and I have now made it to 3 months, as of Sunday, though as I had revision to do (and coursework as well, as it transpired) we went out on Saturday instead. We went to the Bradford branch of Nando’s (a chain of Portuguese chicken restaurants) for dinner before going to see The Chronic -what? -cles of Narnia which is a superbly amazing film that you absolutely must see – preferably on the big screen. The special effects are amazing and it rarely deviates at all from the original book.
  • It wasn’t planned, but Valentines Day is the day before our 4 month ‘anniversary’. I’ve already bought Hari’s present and I’m having a really hard time not telling her about it. It’s nothing to do with World of Warcraft before you ask. She’s level 38 now.
  • My parents now have their PVR. Although the software on it seems to hang sometimes, they seem to be very pleased with it, especially the video quality. On Monday they were attempting to record two things and watch a third all at the same time, but I haven’t spoken to them since to see if it actually worked.


  1. I loved Narnia. I am having a hard time not going back to see it repeatedly.
    Good lick with the exams, by the way. Mine aren’t for a while, which makes me happy. Also, congrats on the three monthiversary.
    And speaking of Unplanned Anniversaries, Irish Boy and my’s six month is a day before my birthday. 🙂

  2. It’s always a nice feeling when other people find an exam or test as difficult as you did. It usually means that the “bell curve” will be brought into use. A prof can’t have a majority of his or her class fail. It would reflect badly on them.
    And Narnia was a good movie. A little LoTR, mixed with a little Harry Potter.

  3. You mean, The Lion, The Witch, and the Cupboard?