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A few hours ago I found out that two assignments which I didn’t think were in until Monday 23rd Jan are actually due in tomorrow. Neither was complete, so I’ve spent the time in a mild panic trying to get them finished in time. This has included the realisation that I need graph paper, which would be a problem as it’s a Sunday night outside term-time so there’s nowhere local selling it, but thankfully the internet saves the day with some downloadable PDFs of graph paper.
Oh yeah, and I have a must-pass exam tomorrow as well. But thankfully it’s not until 4pm so I at least have some time to do the last-minute revision that I was hoping to do tonight.
Anyway, back to work. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, I’m sure I won’t…
Update: And they’re done – not the greatest assignments ever but since they’re only worth 1 credit each (out of 180 for the course) I’m not too worried. Time for bed, ready for some hot revision action tomorrow.


  1. Ouch, good luck getting your assignments done.

  2. I know I’m gonna be strung up by the thousands of bloggers here for this, but…
    …shouldn’t you be working instead of blogging? Or am I missing something?