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WoW on a Mac

Since Hari is now spending quite a lot of time playing World of Warcraft, I installed it on my Mac so that she can at least spend some time around at my place, and to actually see whether WoW really did work on OS X, which it does.

Unfortunately it works so well that she gets a much higher FPS on it, even at 1280×1024, than she does on her PC which can’t go above 1024×768. My Mac is also hooked up to my stereo so she gets much better sound too. So while she’s happy to spend time at mine, it means she’ll be playing WoW all the time while I’m sat either trying to revise or being relegated to my laptop.

She is quite good at WoW now though – she’s on level 36 and on 12000 XP away from 37. Which evidently means she’s been spending far too much time on it…


  1. Hate to say it dude, but I told you so.

  2. Sorry to appear to be flooding you with messages, but I just realised I used the word ‘dude’. I can only apologise.
    You do have my sympathy, too many ppl I know have been lost to WoW.

  3. Lost to WoW? That would be me too then, though as I’ve been addicted since the game launch I have one level 60 Druid and am busy levelling several others. I’m amazed that I can fit it in among all the other things that I do.
    I play under Linux with Cedega. Even on the same PC the performance on Linux was slightly better than Windows.
    Why not join in too? Then you can play together 😉

  4. I am planning to take up Hari’s guest account soon, but with exams starting next week I have other priorities right now… 🙁

  5. Has she joined a guild? If not, Britannic Lore might fit her play style (

  6. I’m loathed to pay the £10 monthly fee so I’m sticking with Guild Wars for a while.

  7. I have a question about using wow on a mac… I loaded Wow originally..and played it for about a week….ran great…was a little slow, so I upgraded the ram to 768, and it ran incredibly fast, in main cities and whatnot….then something happened where my hard-drive crashed. After re-installing the same make/model/speed hard drive, WOW runs just as slow as before i upgraded the ram…does anyone know what could cause this? I have the newest version of quicktime…so thats prolly not it….I dunno what else warcraft requires to run better…if anyone knows, please tell me…. even if it means re-formatting the new hard-drive a different way…

  8. Humm, guild wars

  9. there’s a reason guildwars is free, folks. if you’re a guildwards addict and you havent tried WoW, you’re in for getting your mind blown. i did it the other way around… i gotta say… i’m not too impressed. i just wish there was a way to get back the 50 bucks i wasted on it. thats like… 3 months of wow time.