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New iTunes and QuickTime

Screenshot of iTunes 6.0.2 As well as new iMacs and MacBooks (not sure if I like the new name, but, heh), Apple have delivered updates to QuickTime and iTunes, now at versions 7.0.4 and 6.0.2 respectively. They’re available via Software Update on OS X but I’m not sure if they’re available to download from Apple’s site.

They’re not big updates, as you’d expect from the version numbers, but iTunes gets a ‘MiniStore’, which adds a strip at the bottom of the screen with links to the iTunes Music Store. It’s context-sensitive – highlight a Gorillaz track and it’ll let you buy other songs by Gorillaz and suggest similar artists. It’s on by default, but can easily be hidden via the Edit menu or Cmd+Shift+M.

The other thing I’ve noticed is that if you right-click an MP3 file and choose Get Info, it’s able to tell you what encoded it if the data is in the file. As far as I know, only the Lame encoder adds this data, but it’ll at least tell you the version used.

I’m still waiting for the OS X 10.4.4 update to become available.

And typically, as Apple were announcing loads of cool new schtuff, Microsoft were announcing… critical update patches. As well as the WMF patch that was released last week, there’s another critical patch for Windows and one for Office. I don’t have MS Office but the Windows patch did not require a reboot, which was nice.

Update: Note that if you have the MiniStore enabled, iTunes will send the current track that you are playing back to Apple so that it can suggest music store links. If you hide the window, then it doesn’t, and this has been verified by packet sniffers. It’s a pity Apple didn’t make that particularly clear in the update, but at least it’s easily disabled.


  1. Actually, I’m pretty sure the “Encoded With” in the metadata/ID3 tag has always been there

  2. It has always been there, it’s just that it hasn’t been able to read Lame versions before. Until now it only displayed the versions of AAC and MPEG-4 Audio files.

  3. Actually, the Quicktime update is a security one. Apple are simply hiding behind Microsoft’s advisories, conveniently releasing advisories on the same day as Microsoft.

  4. Nothing’s showing in my “software Updates” yet. 🙁
    What a day though for Mac stuff. Elgato has updated it’s EyeTV software today too.

  5. Just installed 10.4.4 now, seems to work fine although my hack to get Front Row working on my Mac Mini no longer works 🙁 .
    Rich: That is one heck of a security update. I noticed that QuickTime also becomes a Universal binary in this release, with code for both Intel and PowerPC processors.

  6. Front Row has ceased to work on my ibook as well, I’m not especially fused though. Just as long as they don’t punish me for installing it in the first place lol.
    Hmm, has anyone else contracted a bug in iTunes, the “my rating” criterial on the smart playlist dialog is doing freaky things.

  7. The latest iTunes and Airport Express updates apparently enable multiple-Airport Express support. So you can play the same song in multiple rooms at the same time!
    I find the whole “spyware” thing a bit rediculous. How else did people think Apple was giving you recommendations in that little window?
    Someone on a site I read did some packet sniffing and said the only thing being transmitted was artist/track info for each song. What is the problem with that? Even if they saved it on the server, that doesn’t bother me one bit. It gives me recommendation and who cares if I listen to a lot Nirvana for example?

  8. Here’s a nice thing they added to iTunes 6.0.2
    Drop a video in, now you can right click and convert to iPod for iPod video viewing…
    Shame it takes forever though