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If anyone has a spare £1800 £1429

…could they donate it to me so that I could buy myself a Apple MacBook Pro? It looks absolutely awesome, and that’s just the technical specs – 4x faster than the previous PowerBook.
The new iMac looks pretty good too – I know someone who bought one only a few weeks ago and who is probably sick as a parrot right now. I’d consider the iPod Radio Remote but you need either an iPod Nano or iPod with video, so it won’t work with my iPod Mini 🙁 . No new iPods announced today though interestingly – I was expecting an update to the iPod Shuffle line.
Still, the iToast is worth considering…
Update: Gah. Just did some maths – £1799 = $3176. So us Brits are paying $1176 more than our US counterparts 🙁 . Even when adding 17.5% for VAT it comes to $2349. Same problem in Europe, it would seem. I thought Apple had put its rampant EU price inflation behind it, but looks like I’m wrong :-/ .
For the new iMac, it’s £929 = $1640, as opposed to the US price of $1299, or $1526 with VAT, which isn’t so bad. But still…
Update II: Aha! Apple have already lowered the price down to £1429 for the MacBook Pro, which is $2519. Still quite a bit more expensive but it’s progress.


  1. There’s two things of interest here.
    1) It’s running on an Intel processor, which presumably means we’ll be able to legally run OS X on a standard PC soon.
    2) Hopefully the older Mac laptops will come down in price to something I can afford. A cheap laptop would be quite useful to me right now.

  2. $1176 = £666.
    Student return flight from Manchester to New York = £300.
    Which leaves £366 for a rather posh hotel in New York City. So if anybody really wants a new mac laptop, then I’d be more than happy to go over and get you one.

  3. Wow, that seems like an amazing idea Rich. Even without the Student part, I could “pop over” to the US to get one at that price difference…
    /me contemplates.

  4. Sounds like a nice idea, but could turn out very expensive if Customs catch you. Not sure what the threshold is, but I’m quite sure this would be way above it.

  5. I always thought that US prices are always quoted ex tax. Don’t they always add the tax at the end of the order? People I’ve known visit the states have always moaned at how you never know what you are going to be paying for anything.
    If you take the exchange rate as 60% the price is just about right. I know its more in our favour these days but I guess they just use the more typical exchange rate, rather than sell it at a different price each day.

  6. Seems they’re mucking up all the UK prices. iLife is being advertied on the homepage at £49 but in the shop it’s marked at £55.