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Google Earth OS X

Sorry to all the people not remotely interested in anything Apple or Mac-related, but I have one last bit of news: Google Earth is now available on Mac OS X. Previously you needed Windows 2000 or XP, but now it will also run on OS X 10.4 (Tiger). It’s a 12.5 MB download, and works just like the Windows version but with a more Mac-like look and feel.
There’s also better UK aerial photography available for both versions – I was able to see my house in almost ridiculous level of detail as now the whole of West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester has better imaging. It’s about 3 years old by my reckoning.


  1. Hi
    I reckon you zoomed into the Eastlands stadium under construction….or dirty city’s ground!
    still waiting for the gmail invite.

  2. Fantastic. It’s miles better than the beta version I downloaded. Runs smoothly and my town has had it’s resolution bumped up so I can now see my car. 🙂