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The 2006 Bloggies

Tomorrow, nominations for the Sixth Annual Weblog Awards (aka Bloggies 2006) close. Now, though I’ve been eligable for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 awards, I’ve never been a finalist. If you have some time I’d be appreciative if some of you could nominate me.
This weblog is eligable for the following categories:

  • Best British or Irish Weblog
  • Best Computers or Technology Weblog (though this blog covers much more than that, there’s still a lot of computerry things on it)

You can also nominate it for a few others like ‘best designed’ or ‘best photography’ but I doubt it’ll do particularly well; same for ‘weblog of the year’.
I know this is just feeding my ego but to at least make the finals after all these years would be nice 🙂 .


  1. First piece of shamless self publicity of 2006…done.
    Sorry, just joking. All done, good luck.

  2. I’d be more inclined if you could spell eligible.