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Still have Gmail invitations

I’m afraid I no longer have any invitations to give out. Thanks for your interest.

I’m still getting people finding my site after searching Google for ‘gmail invitation’, mainly because I have an entry with that title and it seems to be ranked quite highly (on the first page of results). The entry was posted almost 18 months ago and at the time I just had the 1 invitation (though I’ve had many, many more since).

Since so many people are still finding that entry, and because I still had 100 invites left, last week I changed the entry to announce that I still had some spares. I’m now getting a slow but steady trickle of people emailing me for an invite.

If you’re reading this and you want a Gmail invitation, email me and I’ll try to get one to you as soon as I can. I still have lots left. All invitations gone now, sorry.

Gmail is 2 years old in just over 3 months time, incidentally, after being announced on 1st April 2004. And yet it’s still in invitation-only beta.


  1. Isn’t it possible to sign up to Gmail with a working US cellphone number?

  2. Yes, it is. But it means that if you don’t have a working US cellphone number then it’s invitation-only. And lets face it, most people in thw worl do not have a working US cellphone number.

  3. I still have a total of 300 gmail invites sitting and waiting. Everybody I know who wants gmail has it by now, so is there anything I can do with them?

  4. Please send me a GMAIL invite.

  5. please send me an invite

  6. Help a fellow geek who just got his computer back. Send gmail invite, please.