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Google Pack

Google Pack Screensaver When I first heard about Google Pack – a software suite of Google’s own programs plus other related apps – I didn’t think I’d actually use it. But actually it’s quite good.
I actually do use quite a number of the programs – in fact, Google Talk, RealPlayer, GalleryPlayer and Norton Anti-Virus are the only ones I don’t use – and it will keep the programs updated for you. Admittedly some of those have built-in updaters but it’ll be handy to have a ‘one stop shop’ for updates like on some Linux distros. Microsoft’s launch of Microsoft Update, which updates Windows and Office in one fell swoop is a start, but it would be nice if it could also include third-party software.
It’ll be especially useful for my parents computer, as it means I won’t have to spend so much time ensuring that all of their programs are up to date. Furthermore, it was able to detect the existence of several programs like Google Earth that were already installed – hopefully it will also install updates for that automatically now. That said, it didn’t pick up on the Google Toolbar for IE nor Mozilla Firefox.
The interface is nice and intuitive too. All in all I’m pleased with it.


  1. Hmm, not everybody is so pleased with it. I’m told that the versions of Ad-Aware and Google Earth it installs are old ones.

  2. I don’t like that they include a 6 month subscription to Norton AntiVirus. The newbie will install it not knowing better and then what happens after 6 months? There are not-so-evil virus scanners out there that I’m told work quite nicely, why Symantec?

  3. And why Realplayer? I mean, really?

  4. You know, the only problem I have with it is that it requires Windows XP. AAARGH. I HATE WINDOWS XP.

  5. Yeah, I wonder how Symantec got that sub-par, bloated antivirus software in the pack? Many many moneys?