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Not the only Neil Turner

One problem with having a name like Neil Turner is that I’m not the only one. Neil is quite a common first name and Turner is quite a common surname, so there are plenty of other Neil Turners out there. Here are some of the other Neil Turners on the web:

  • To start with, there’s – not much there except a rather scary green face and a few photos.
  • The Neil Turner at is a photographer, and quite a good one at that – certainly better than this Neil. His archives are well worth a browse.
  • The people of Wigan are represented by Neil Turner MP. I’m not sure if the bit about the elephants is true though.
  • I’m also not the only Neil Turner who is interested in web usability – my namesake from London wrote this article on SitePoint about web pages that open new windows. He works for Webcredible, a consultancy on such things.
  • There’s a member of staff at Brunel University called Neil Turner. And funnily enough he’s involved in Computing. I’m starting to detect a trend here.
  • Should I ever go into writing software as a business I may need to be a little more original with the name for my company, as Neil Turner Software is already taken. That said, they mostly seem to concentrate on web site deisgn and hosting.
  • Here’s another namesake web designer, though his work isn’t quite so impressive.
  • And another, Neil Turner Freelance, based in Newcastle.
  • On a completely different note, here’s Professor Neil Turner at the University of Edinburgh. He’s a professor of Nephrology.
  • Neil’s Place is home to a retired teacher in Annapolis, Maryland, USA.
  • Neil Turner Events is a company in Australia, though their site is under construction.


  1. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone to by sheer accident. That’s what I get for having non-portable bookmarks. 😛

  2. I have gave up after 20 pages at Google. One driving school over in Germany, but they don’t seem to have a website. Apart from that it’s only me.
    But then my surname is fairly uncommon even in Germany and seems to be almost non-existent here in the UK (I know of a few in the US though).

  3. I’ll call you Teil Nurner then. 🙂

  4. Something tells me that someone is trying SEO his own name for higher rankings… crafty.

  5. I know another Neil Turner who you’ve missed off there 😛

  6. Hari: I know you do 🙂 . I’m sure all will be revealed some time in the future…

  7. How odd to run across you in this way – I got here while doing a little research on our young friends at Myspace and their hotlinking hijinks. When I saw your avatar, I realized you’re one of my Flickr contacts. So, you’re “the” Neil Turner as far as I’m concerned.