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WMF Patch Available now!

Some excellent news via F-Secure – Microsoft have released the patch for the WMF flaw a few days early and it’s available now. The advisory hasn’t yet been updated but you can install the patch from Windows Update. I advise all of you who use Windows to install this patch immediately.
Update: You can download the patch separately here. Note that on Tuesday Microsoft will be releasing other patches as well as part of its normal patch cycle. The details are here, but in summary there will be critical updates for Windows, Office and Exchange, plus some non-critical updates that do not affect security and a new version of the Malicious Software Removal tool.


  1. You can download the updates from the Security Bulletin page:

  2. Also if you’re still using Windows Update, you should think about upgrading to Microsoft Update since it covers more products than just Windows.

  3. Windows releases security patch for WMF vulnerability early.

    I've been meaning to mention the latest Windows flaw that's been the source of much panic. It's a flaw in the graphics rendering engine in how it handles the Windows Metafile Format (WMF) that could allow a remote attacker to execute …