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The Stats of 2005

I haven’t posted any of my web stats lately, so to compensate I’m going to post stats for the whole of 2005.

Over the whole year I had a total of 16 092 364 hits, of which 11 840 137 were by ‘real users’ and not crawlers or bots. That’s around 1 million hits per month. I also had an estimated 1 061 775 visitors, making 1 828 717 visits to the site. This generated a total of 120 GB of bandwidth – 91.62 GB of which was by real users and the rest by crawlers.
May was the busiest month with 9.39 GB of bandwidth generated by 115 538 unique visitors. On average I received 32 000 hits per day and used about 250 MB of bandwidth, with Wednesday being the most popular day to visit and Saturday being the least popular. 7pm is the busiest time on the site and 6am is the quietest.
Most visitors are from the US or the UK, but there are also a lot of Canadians, Australians and Germans. Only one person from the Falkland Islands visited in 2005, and I had 4 from Vatican City.
The most prolific crawler was Google’s GoogleBot, which generated 2 208 446 hits (plus 6734 on the robots.txt file alone) and downloaded 15.69 GB of data over the year. Inktomi Slurp, Yahoo’s bot, was second, followed by Ask Jeeves and MSNBot.
The most popular file was my RSS feed, followed by my Atom feed and then the home page. The following 10 entries were the most popular – number of views in brackets:

  1. Windows XP SP2 Official Download Link (158 145)
  2. Media Player Classic (58 043)
  3. Crazy Frog Remix (39 049)
  4. Create Your Own South Park Character (37 631)
  5. Gmail Invitation (35 625)
  6. Apple Lossless Encoder (27 012)
  7. Create Your Own South Park Character II (26 863)
  8. Ogg Vorbis in iTunes (26 389)
  9. Habeas Being Exploited (25 213)
  10. Thunderbird Webmail Extension (23 838)

Of those, 3 were written in 2005 and one was written nearly 5 years ago. Among the other pages in there, for some reason my silly little Random Name Generator racked up 14 946 page views and this rather uninteresting entry somehow managed to become one of the 20 most popular with 16 467 views. Weird.
77.5 % of you use Windows – in fact, 62.8 % of all visits come from Windows XP users. Mac users make up for 6% and Linux users 3%. Around 13.2 % use an ‘unknown’ operating system and one fellow visited here with his Dreamcast sometime last year. After Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris were the most popular operating systems.
Internet Explorer is sadly still the most popular web browser, with a little over half (50.3 %) of all users browsing with it. Firefox comes in a strong second with 26.2 % of visitors and 5.5 % of visitors use some other Mozilla-based browser like Mozilla, Camino or Netscape. Safari users account for 3.2 % and Opera registers at 1.2 %, with Konqueror just managing 0.1 %. A mere 2 people used the eCatch web browser, which I’d never heard of, and 252 were using Phoenix, i.e. Firefox before verion 0.6. Hmmm.
Most of my visitors came here via Google -907 696 to be exact – and 69 913 came via a Google Image Search. Yahoo sent over 53 727 visitors and MSN 24 588. 17 753 came from people reading something in Bloglines.
The sites which provided the most referrals were:

  1. Henrik Gemal’s Mozilla Blog Updates
  2. Thunderbird: Guide for the Perplexed
  3. MacSurfer
  4. Trojan Horse Christmas, an article from El Reg
  5. Pinstripe Firefox Gallery on Technical Jiggery Pokery

Thankfully only one referer spammer got themselves high enough to be make it into the top 10 referring sites, hitting a total of 2271 pages on my site over the year.
Over 190 000 search terms were used to get to this site – these were the 10 most popular:

  1. sp2 download (24 560)
  2. gmail invitation (16 312)
  3. is this the way to armadillo (12 090)
  4. boulevard of broken songs (11 694)
  5. itunes ogg (9 938)
  6. media player classic (9 644)
  7. create a fart (8 669)
  8. apple lossless (8 405)
  9. msn messenger 6.0 (6 991)
  10. family guy (6 961)

So that sums it up. It’ll be interesting to see how these figures change over the coming year.


  1. Out of interest, who were the most prolific commenters of the year?
    And what exactly does create a fart link to on this site, or should I just google it?!

  2. Wow, that’s a whole lot of hits. How are your google ads going?