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Birmingham Again

Since Hari and I miss each other so much I went down to see her in Brum today so that we could spend some time together. We didn’t do much – walked around a bit, went in some shops, had lunch – but it was great to see her again. It’s going to be another 2 weeks until we’re both back in Bradford so I might go to see her again next week, but it depends how my coursework and exam revision progresses.
My last visit to Brum 3 weeks ago was very quick – under a couple of hours – so it was also nice to see a bit more of the city now that it’s begun regenerating itself. We had a bit of a root around Selfridges and the Bullring, and Hari got herself a copy of World of War-crack Warcraft, which I’m not entirely sure is a good thing. Hopefuly she won’t neglect me or her studies…
Coming back was the usual Virgin Trains experience – the train I was aiming to catch was cancelled and so the later one was standing-room only and delayed. I ended up back in York a good hour and a half later then intended.


  1. A number of friends, and myself, have lost partners for weeks on end to that game. Good luck.

  2. Ooh your girlfriend got World of Warcraft… Careful there, don’t let her get addicted :p.