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Missing, presumed deleted

Birthday Cake This is not a pint of Guinness Balloons and Drinks
These three photos aren’t particularly remarkable – they’re just some photos from a friend’s 21st birthday last July (in fact, smaller versions are still online). However I didn’t know that I still had them.
You may remember that at the back end of August last year my hard drive failed, taking with it most of my music collection and a lot of my photos. This, along with my very poor backup regime, meant that I essentially lost all of the photos taken between June 2003 and August 2004. I’ve been able to recover some which were on my parents’ desktop machine and some which I had given copies to the student union, but the rest are basically gone forever.
The photos above were among those that I thought I’d lost, but for some reason they turned up on my Dad’s old laptop. I’m not entirely sure why they were there, but I’m quite pleased as along with those three were some of my friends, some of whom I don’t see very often now. It’s a shame to think that along with a lot of those photos I lost, there are a lot of memories which are now gone.
incidentally today is someone’s birthday – my father’s. We’re going to see The Chronicles of Narnia at the cinema this afternoon and then have dinner at a restaurant.

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