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Beware of WMFs

Pity the poor Windows Metafile. The vector image format is now the bringer of yet another Windows vulnerability, this time an unpatched “0-day” exploit – i.e. where malware has begun exploiting the flaw before any advisories have even been published, never mind a patch.
F-Secure has some information here. The situation is pretty grave for Internet Explorer users – merely viewing an infected image will have your system infected. Firefox users won’t be infected just viewing the file, but if it’s opened it’s another matter. In fact, just selecting the file in Explorer may lead to infection if it needs to show a thumbnail or preview the file, and Google Desktop users had also better beware because even downloading the file may cause an infection when GDS indexes it.
All in all, it’s not a good situation. Three viruses are already using it, even though the first was only discovered yesterday. I think I’ll be using my Mac a bit more over the next few days…

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  1. the workaround is pretty pants too. I’m surprised that the wmf file actually still exists. I think it was only ever used in office 2.0 or something old for their clipart.