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New laptop

My dad bought his new laptop today. We went to PC World again, and picked up a Fujitsu Siemens laptop that seems to be pretty good. For £529 we got a 1.5Ghz Celeron M processor, 40GB HD, 512MB RAM, Wifi, DVD-RW drive, built-in graphics and a 15.4″ widescreen TFT screen, which isn’t too bad. He’s certainly happy with it, but then he’s been grappling with my old Samsung laptop which is getting on for 4 years old and wasn’t all that good even when new. I’ll be selling that old laptop in the new year – initially just around campus but I’ll plonk it on eBay if there are no takers. It’s probably worth around £100 at most.
Setting up the new laptop was made easier by Fujitsu Siemens not installing lots of silly and unnecessary software on it. With my parents’ Packard Bell desktop machine, I spent the best part of a day removing things like AOL, 30-day trial of MS Office, Norton Anti-Virus (with only 90 days of free updates) and other crap that we didn’t need. This laptop, other than Windows XP itself (SP2 with critical patches up to November this year), only had Nero Express, and trials for AOL and Wannadoo on it, which was nice. It’s now got, Thunderbird, Picasa and IrfanView on it, along with essentials like QuickTime and Java, and it’s also configured for the home network through Wifi.
The laptop itself is pretty nice – though it’s not a Centrino, it is quite slim and looks good, and having widescreen is useful for my dad since he’s big on his photos (his digital SLR camera takes photos that are roughly 5×4 instead of 4×3).


  1. Thats not bad. I hate it when they install all ISP connectors, especially AOL, because it totally reconfigures your machine. But hey they have to make there money other ways.

  2. If the photos are roughly 5×4, why is a widescreen better than a normal one? Just curious.