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Home wifi

My parents now have a fully functioning Wifi router. It was suppsoed to have come yesterday, but what with it being Christmas and the Royal Mail being deluged with Christmas cards and last-minute deliveries from online shopping and mail order companies, it took a bit longer.
It now fulfils a dream that I’ve had for the best part of 7 years now – i.e. ever since we had the internet first installed at home in 1999 – being able to use the internet in my bedroom. Of course, I have been able to do that at university since 2002, but not here at my parents house.
The router supports WPA so we’ve turned that on – it’s not clear that it does from the descriptions on sites like Amazon but if you check Netgear’s own site it does. It’ll also mean that we can finally have more than one computer using the internet at any one time – before, you would have to unplug one computer, restart the modem and plug the other one in. The router also has a firewall and supports UPnP, which is a godsend for anyone who’s ever had to configure port forwarding on a router.


  1. UPnP is Universal Plug and Play. It allows programs that need open ports to tell a router to open a port for them. So, for example, Azureus can tell my router to open port 6482 to allow it to receive BitTorrent connections. Then, when Azureus closes, it can tell it to close the port.
    Potentially it’s a bit of a security risk (which is why it is also called ‘UnPlug and Pray’) but it’s certainly convinient.

  2. Maybe i’m going nuts but, isn’t the whole point of a router to share a WAN (in this case the internet) with 2 or more computers. Otherwise it’s just a hub/switch surely.

  3. Turns out I am nuts. I miss-read the entry lol.