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Retiring my account

At the moment, I currently have two Jabber user accounts, one with and the other with (Google Talk). I’ve decided this is overkill and so I’m getting rid of my account and sticking with Google Talk. So if you have me on your contact list as totalxsive [at], please delete me and add me as nrturner {at} gmail (dot) com. I’ve (hopefully) transferred all of my contacts other to GTalk already.
Also, if you’re using Trillian Pro, make sure you’re using the latest version of the Jabber plugin, released in October. It adds extra support for Google Talk, as well as including your Gmail account in the ‘My Mail Accounts’ section of the Trillian main window.

One Comment

  1. Trillian rules. I have the Jabber plug-in, it should be built-in.