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Jingle Bells and Whistles

Last week, the standards documents for ‘Jingle’ were published. This may not mean much to you but the chances are that at least some of you will have already used it.
Jingle is an enhancement to XMPP – better known as Jabber – which allows voice communication between Jabber clients. It’s the protocol that Google Talk uses to allow it’s users to, well, talk to each other. The press release explains more.
With this in the public domain this paves the way for more clients to allow voice communication with Google Talk. Google has been keen from the start to encourage alternative clients to access its systems, and from day one published details about how to access GTalk using clients like Gaim and Trillian Pro. Even so, at the moment the only other client that allows voice communication as well as instant messaging on GTalk is Apple’s iChat AV, which is only available on new or upgraded Macs.
The press release lists various organisations that have pledged to support Jingle, and this includes Gaim and Cerulean Studios, the makers of Trillian, so hopefully future versions of these clients will allow voice – and maybe even video – over Jabber. In any case, the standard is open so even those developers that haven’t specifically announced that they will back Jingle can join in too.
Google has already created libjingle which is a library that developers can incorporate into their clients to enable Jingle support without having to write their own code, and it’s open source too.
Also of interest is the press release about Google’s co-operation with AOL. In it, it says that the agreement between Google and AOL will allow …Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met…. Whether this will apply to users of other clients too, and also include ICQ (another AOL property), isn’t yet known.
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  1. This is going to be very interesting to watch. Perhaps the biggest thing is the cooperation between Google and AOL over AIM access. That is going to open up a large userbase to Google Talk.

  2. Hmm. I don’t think you are correct about iChatAV doing voice chat with google talk, I certainly haven’t got it to work.
    Ah in fact Google Seem to Agree with me.

  3. Okay, I was under the impression that voice chat did work. My mistake.
    Still, it may mean that the next iChat version will have it.