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  • One thing I’ve done a lot of since coming home on Sunday is sleep, including an 11 hour stint last night. With no early starts due to lectures, and no late night socialising, it’s been the perfect chance to catch up on 13 weeks of sub-standard rest.
  • I may have mentioned them before but if you’re into Indie music, check out Kill The Young – I saw them play in Bradford a few weeks ago, and they’re quite good, especially their single ‘Origin of Illness’ (the song that plays when you visit the site). I’ve also been into the Arctic Monkeys lately, but then they’re not exactly unknown, what with having a number 1 single and all of the accompanying media coverage that went with it.
  • With a bit of luck, my parents will be going wirless tomorrow or Thursday (probably the latter as the package has yet to be dispatched). We’ve ordered a Netgear WGR614UK Wireless router – I’ve been pleased with my Netgear DG834G ADSL modem and so we decided to go with Netgear again. It supports both WEP and WPA encryption, has a built-in firewall and also has 4 ethernet ports – handy, because it’s likely that the router will be in the opposite corner of the house to the main PC and that the cables for it are already wired in – might as well use them rather than grapple with a weak wireless signal.
  • I had a play with Gaim 2 Beta 1 yesterday. Doesn’t look much different to me (this is looking at the Windows port, not the Linux version) and I managed to break it completely when trying to sign in to my Google Talk account. The new voice and video chat features haven’t yet made it into the main release either.
  • I’ve also been playing with Google Earth – my parents’ machine is more powerful than my laptop and so it runs better. They’ve added better aerial photography of Leeds and Bradford – though it’s still not as good as London or Manchester it is an improvement on what was there before. Newcastle now also has high resolution imagery, though there’s a big label saying ‘Gateshead’ over Newcastle town centre. Ah well, at least it doesn’t say ‘Sunderland’…

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  1. Sedgefield is missing from Google Earth though.