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I’m giving µTorrent (pronounced ‘micro torrent’) another spin today. I’d tried it briefly a few months ago, but with the switch to OS X I haven’t been in Windows much.
I have to say that I’m very impressed. It has a good, uncluttered interface, plus some more advanced features like a distributed host tracker (useful if the tracker that you are using goes down) and bandwidth settings for individual torrents. I have few qualms about making this my default BitTorrent client.
Previously I’ve been using Azureus on both Windows and OS X. Azureus is good because it’s powerful and it uses Java, thus making it cross-platform. The bad thing about Azureus is that… well… it uses Java, which is pretty slow at the best of times. µTorrent and Azureus do essentially the same things, except µTorrent is a streamlined chipmunk and Azureus is a 800lb gorilla. With two torrents going and the main window open, µTorrent is using almost no CPU at all and less than 6MB of RAM (and only around 10MB of virtual memory) – Azureus would need several times that and could easily bring less powerful systems to their knees. Alas, µTorrent is currently Windows-only – an OS X port was being developed but this seems to have been abandoned, and there’s currently no Linux version.
Still, it’s great to see software being written with efficiency in mind. Even though computers are getting faster all the time, it’s good to see programs that offer good performance on older hardware.


  1. I thought it was pronounced mju-torrent. Well well.
    I also love these apps that use as little memory as possible.
    I even blogged about my five favorite light-weight software.
    μTorrent is really the most impressive thing since Firefox was born. It packs the same punch as both Bitcomet and Azureus but without slowly strangling my computer.

  2. I’ve been using µTorrent for a few months now, replacing Azureus. I love how fast it updates… takes less than 2 seconds to download the latest one and reload. You won’t catch Azureus going that fast.
    The only thing µTorrent is lacking is an RSS reader, once the developer adds that there won’t be any reason to use any other bit-torrent client.

  3. In a “me too” spirit… Azureus was a royal pain in the nether regions for a long time. Discovered uTorrent and have since ‘sold’ it to friends and co-workers alike.
    I hope the RSS Reader is offered as a plugin or something… or a separate app as I quite like uTorrent as it is (I’m not a big downloader so the simpler, quicker and more efficient the better). Add in an RSS Reader may add functionality but will start uTorrent on the road to bloat.