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Back home in York

  • I’m back home in York for the holidays. It’s good to see my parents again, and not having to worry about cooking food, but I will miss having a double bed and most of all miss having Hari around. Though I may catch a train down south to see her, I may not get to see her again properly until mid-January.
  • Still, we both have MSN Messenger. And webcams. And broadband.
  • I’ve brought both my laptop and my Mac Mini home, along with the keyboard, mouse and screen. The Mac is now set up in my bedroom so that I can watch DVDs in bed – this is only possible with a small computer and flat panel monitor since my room is so small. My parents are intending to set up a wireless network in the house soon too so I should get internet in there in a few days (and no, there’s no stray open wireless networks around to latch onto).
  • My dad is also after a new laptop, particularly one with Wifi. He has my old laptop at present, which is now over 3 1/2 years old and is rather underpowered for even casual use. He’s not after something all singing and all dancing, since they have a perfectly good desktop machine that does lots of things, just one that’s reasonably quick and reliable and that can work downstairs in the front room or dining room. I’m sure we’ll be looking at a few over the next few days.
  • As well as moving back home, the reason why I’ve not been posting here has been down to socialising and spending time with Hari. On Friday a group of us went out dressed as characters from the nativity – I was Joseph and Hari was Mary, and we had a baby Jesus made out of scraps of material. There were also two shepherds, two kings and a sheep. We had a good time, even if my costume was a bit pathetic.
  • We also put up the Christmas decorations here, including our new 6 foot artificial Christmas tree, which now dominates the dining room (will make Boxing Day lunch with the family somewhat more interesting…). Since going away to university in 2002 it’s become a bit of a tradition that the decorations don’t go up until I come back for Christmas.
  • Tomorrow will mostly be spent sticking clothes in the washing machine and catching up on my feeds. I’m taking a few days off from coursework and studying.


  1. Let me know if your dad ever wants to get rid of the old lappy !
    Oh, Happy Chridtmas too.

  2. I think it’s going to my mum’s office, actually. Sorry.

  3. I’m looking forward to Christmas this year. I finish work on Friday the 23rd and I’m not going back to work until 2nd January.