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More Atom-convertedness

Because I had a free afternoon and I managed to get an assignment finished earlier than I expected, I have converted the comment RSS feeds to Atom 1.0 feeds. There’s some funkiness with the character encoding, namely that I’ve specified Unicode in the feed but the server keeps sending documents with no character set specified. I don’t think this is a bug in Movable Type but rather some wrong with the server, and it only seems to happen with feeds published using dynamic publishing – my statically-produced Atom feeds are fine. With a bit of luck this won’t affect you and technically the feeds are valid, it’s just that the feed validator shows it as a warning.
Update: Aha – it is a Movable Type bug. Specifically when it is checking the Movable Type configuration file (either mt.cfg or mt-config.cgi, mine is the former), as far as I can tell it’s not getting a value for PublishCharset and so it’s not sending a charset, even though PublishCharset is defined in my config file and works in my templates. When I patched mt.php to hardcode it to display Unicode, everything was fine.
I’ve also redesigned the entry pages a bit to move some of the information about the entry to the right-hand side. The comments feed is now highlighted using the Firefox feed icon to make it stand out, and there’s an option to receive emails when comments are posted, which uses a fancy bit of JavaScript that I’m quite proud of. The idea is quite blatently plaigirised from and similar but since a lot of my traffic comes from people randomly browsing in from search engines it should hopefully explain what they are looking at. There are also now links to pages with active discussions (i.e. someone posted a comment there recently) in the hope that it’ll promote discussion in those entries. I’ve been pleased with the discussions in some of the more recent entries (thanks guys) and hopefully this will continue.

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  1. Is the file being generated via PHP? If so, are you sending out a:
    header(“Content-encoding: udf-8”);
    (or whatever the content encoding line should be) line at the start of the file?