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The plan for the weekend

Since things are now somewhat more concrete I thought I’d let you know what I’ll be up to this weekend. On Friday we’re catching a train (or rather 3 trains) to Hari’s parents’ house near Birmingham. This’ll be the first time I’ve met her parents, so I’m a little nervous.

On Saturday, we’re hoping to spend a bit of time around Birmingham – it’s been 3 years since I went to Brum and a longer time since I’ve actually spent any real length of time there. I’d particularly like to take a look at the new Bullring. We’re then catching a train to London where we’ll be at the London Geek Dinner.

On Sunday we have tickets for the London Eye, and will probably spend a bit of time moping around London before heading back to Bradford.

I’m looking forward to it, though with the train not getting to our final destination until nearly 11:30pm on Friday and the geek dinner going on until around 11pm on Saturday it’s going to be a tiring weekend. It does, of course, mean I’ll miss the opening of the Meadowhall Apple Store in Sheffield on Saturday, but then I also missed the Trafford Centre Apple Store opening too. With a bit of luck Apple will open a store in Leeds soon but they haven’t announced anything 🙁 .

Anyhow, hopefully I’ll see some of you at the geek dinner on Saturday!


  1. Hey… you’re going to the apple store in the bullring if that’s any consolation 😛
    And you’re nervous about meeting my family? At least im not taking you to a posh restaurant with them 😛 And they’re not that bad really… ok so they’re a bit crazy, but they wouldn’t hurt a fly…. we’ll maybe that’s an overstatement…. you’ll be fine 😛

  2. Hey,
    Meeting the parents is’nt that bad. The worst first meeting i ever had was when my girlfriends mum was in a wheel chair!! I really didn’t know how to act and just came across as a right dick :o/
    Birmingham is ok, you have to pop by the spearmint rhino though if you’re at the bullring :0) take your girlfriend i’m sure she’ll love it!
    Regarding the Apple shop in Leeds, there already is one! It’s at the Merrion Centre, across the road from McDonalds on the corner. I walk past it everyday on my way to work :0)
    Also, have fun at the Geek Dinner

  3. I think you’ll find that the shop in Leeds is just an Apple reseller and not an actual Apple Store. There are only 5 in the UK at the moment – London Regent Street, Sheffield Meadowhall, Manchester Trafford Centre, Birmingham Bullring and Bluewater. There are plans for a 6th in Brent Cross, North London, however.

  4. The London Eye isn’t a great place to be, it gives you the bog standard highlights of the city but doesn’t show you anything particulary interesting. I went on it once and to be honest, I wasn’t impressed.
    But I’m not a tourist, I’ve lived in London all my life and there are still things that can surprise you.

  5. The London Eye is a little more exciting than you are suggesting, I found it was. It gives you a different view of London and helped me to comprehend that it is indeed a ‘sprawling metropolis’. I have to be honest that the ride did frighten the crap out of me also, but I’m a wuss.

  6. Oh, forgot to mention. If you are looking for somewhere to eat and are around the St Paul’s area I hightly recommend the King and Keys in Fleet Street. I was there on the 12th November 2005. Lovely pub grub.

  7. I’ve actually ridden the London Eye before, but that was back in 2001 I think – certainly a long time ago anyway. Hari’s never been on it though. I liked it when I went on though we did have to queue for what seemed like an eternity.
    Sian: Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind. Though we’ll probably end up at Pret A Manger or something…

  8. I’d suggest taking the Tate Boat from Tate Modern to Tate Britain. I think that was my favourite part of my London trip.

  9. Oh dear God, not Pret. It is the epitome of soulless. Be brave and try Chinatown (just by Leicester Square). They do both fantastic all you can eat and a la carte.

  10. There’s a very nice Hard Rock Cafe in Brum if you are looking for expensive food that’s served in a terrific atmosphere!
    I rather like Pret myself. I am addicted to their Tomato-Egg sandwiches for breakfast. There are other sandwiches there that I enjoy for lunch… but they always seem to contain cress, which I loathe. I swear that pret would add cress to their coffee if they could find a way to get it to brew properly! 🙂
    My favorite restaurant in all of London is Zaika (Kensington). It is so expensive that you’ll probably have to sell your internal organs to pay the check, but everything they make is amazing. I’d gladly slap somebody for a Chocolate Silk just now, which is their signature dessert (well-worth the six pounds cost!).

  11. Thanks Dave, but I doubt we’ll be doing expensive 🙂 . Turns out one of my readers is in town and he’s offered to buy me a pint so we’re probably going to a small pub opposite Tate Modern (The Founder’s Arms) which I’ve been to before.

  12. Yeah it’ll be my first time in the UK. I’m wondering how the pub food is. =P Monday morning I’m heading to Paris for a few days before coming back to the States.
    Tip to readers: Neil will show up if you offer him beer.

  13. “Tip to readers: Neil will show up if you offer him beer.”
    Do you think that’s how Hari ensnared him? 😉
    Hope you have a good weekend, and good luck meeting the parents. Make sure you take loads of pictures and report on everything that goes on between now and Sunday!

  14. It’s times like these I wished I’d had a camera with me, as my boyfriend and I watched the new Bull Ring being built and never thought of taking photos doh! ….so it’s really great to see this new exhibition by the photographer Pogus Caesar who has taken 3 years of photos, now they’re on show at OOM gallery in Birmingham. Exhibition is called From Jamaica Row – Rebirth of The Bull Ring (a real class act)