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1000 reasons why IE is better than Firefox

It’s in French, but here’s 1000 reasons why IE is better than Firefox. Except that there’s only actually 14 reasons, so it’s 986 short. And some aren’t really reasons. In fact, it’s a pretty pointless piece of flame-bait designed to stir up the Firefox community.
In any case, here are those reasons translated into English, with the help of the Google Translator and my French A-level (feel free to correct me if I get any of these wrong):

  1. Internet Explorer is integrated with Windows XP so you can surf the internet without having to decide which browser to use.
  2. Internet Explorer is accessible for everyone.
  3. IE can display all web pages – not all of them work in Firefox.
  4. IE requires hardly any extensions, whereas Firefox has a plethora.
  5. IE does not ship with tabs, but they can be added if you wish.
  6. IE does not have an RSS reader, which is a fad. You can just visit the site every day if you need to.
  7. IE is less secure than Firefox, but patches are released regularly.
  8. IE is closely linked to Windows.
  9. IE does not pass the Acid2 test like Safari does.
  10. You need to use IE to access Windows Update – even though Microsoft released a Firefox plugin for Windows Genuine Advantage, they will never open Windows Update to Firefox.
  11. IE doesn’t crash when visiting online banking sites, Firefox does.
  12. IE7 will adopt the standards of 2006 and include innovations of Microsoft and others, such as RSS, SSL3 and better security.
  13. IE does not respect W3C standards in their entirity.
  14. IE is the ‘de-facto’ standard that developers work to.

There you go. Pretty lame reasons, in my opinion, and some of them are reasons not to use IE as far as I’m concerned.
[Via Glazblog]


  1. Without wanting to add any credibility to the article (‘cos it is just flaming, really), the translations don’t quite get the tone across – many of the points, expecially the “reasons not to use IE”, are accepting IE’s faults – the acid2 test, for example, translates more like “It’s true that IE doesn’t pass the test, but neither do the other browsers, except Safari” – same with the W3C standards…
    So it’s not quite as bad as maybe you make out – it seems to be more justifying IE, than outright advocating it. But generally, yeah, it is flaming…

  2. Hah! That’s gotta be the funniest attempt to defend IE (and the usage of it) this millenium.

  3. Actually, IE is doesn’t seem to be the de-facto standard that developers work to anymore (at least none that I am in contact with).
    What good designers do is develop to web standards, and then waste time debugging and adding a lot of crap so that their pages don’t break in IE. No designer I know would be upset if IE were to disappear tomorrow.

  4. I would say that points 6 and 13 is proof to me that the page is written with a lot of irony and that it’s probably just a justification to not to stick with IE. I could be wrong, though…

  5. Baby jesus uses firefox, and so should you.

  6. Using my very poor knowledge of French, the responses to that article are either “What a load of balls” or “Great satire!”

  7. At the risk of annoying you all, I like IE, and though I have Firefox 1.5 installed, I keep coming back to IE.
    Sometimes I find sites, with webmasters of a controlling nature, who inform me that I should be using Firefox. I rarely return to them – but there are exceptions.

  8. Andy N: They inform you to use Firefox because it’s good advice. If you want to a bank and got good advice, you wouldn’t go back?
    Another difference. These may /inform/ you, however, there IE-ONLY sites out there. And you CAN NOT view them with out IE (or without changing settings in your browser of choice).
    Explain why you “keep coming back to IE”.

  9. ‘IE can display all web pages – not all of them work in Firefox.’
    Hmmm, have they heard of Explorer Destroyer Method 3 and nglayout? Oh, and CSS?

  10. I keep coming back because I am familiar with it, and it does what I expect.
    I am aware of the concerns of the security concious in regard to IE, but I’ll be willing to make a small bet that Firefox will suffer as much when it’s popularity gets to even higher levels. (It will become an even better target for the malevolent)
    Everywhere I go looking at Firefox I am told about this download, and the other plug-in etc. etc. This PC is used by the whole family, and all six of us expect it to be familiar. I would have a mutiny on my hands if I changed things.
    “And you CAN NOT view them with out IE (or without changing settings in your browser of choice).”
    That is another reason to stick with IE. I don’t know if I would change if I was the only user using this PC.

  11. I hasten to tell you that there is an extension that lets you switch to IE whenever you need it. Just click the Firefox icon and it will change to an IE icon and you can re-enter the page as normal.

  12. 1000 Reasons Why IE is Better Than Firefox. What?

    I was visiting Neil’s World today, and I came across a post about a post on a French website about why Internet Explorer is the best browser. In my view, most of these reasons are false, so I will list…

  13. Andy: if each of you have a separate user account, then the extensions installed by one user won’t affect the other users.
    As for the security issues – yeah, I’m sure Firefox will become more of a target as well, but in the past the Mozilla Foundation has responded much more quickly to security issues and there’s a $500 bounty available to those who find security flaws in Mozilla products. But only time will tell, of course.
    I have no intention of blocking IE from this site, and may well encourage people to upgrade to IE7 when it comes out. Though obviously I’d promote Firefox as a healthy alternative.

  14. The page is down now, but I managed to see it via the Google Cache.
    You may also like to view this article: [986 bonnes raisons pour Internet Explorer]( [[Google Translation](] . It’s a response to the article you mention – below is my rough translation of the first paragraph:
    > If you follow blogostars like [Embruns]( or [Daniel Glazman](, you’ve probably wanted to respond to [1000 Good Reasons to use Internet Explorer]( I looked attentively at the fourteen reasons listed and they seem like 14 effective reasons not to use Internet Explorer. They’re copied here with their original quotes.

  15. Senseless article, i think… Newbies are using IE because it’s integrated. Advanced users use Firefox – fast, safe and extendable. There are two groups of users and no one will change its group because of this “good reasons”..

  16. I had assumed it was satirical, myself. The page doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

  17. It sounds like IE7 and Firefox 2.0 will come out arond the same time. It will be interesting to hear this debate when the next gen browsers come out.