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Tomorrow is December 1st

Tomorrow, a mere 10 minutes away in my time zone, is December 1st. This means:

  • It is World Aids Day
  • It is the birthday of one of Hari’s housemates
  • It is 25 days until Christmas
  • That 2005 is almost over
  • That my blog will turn 4 years old in less than 2 months time (incidentally the previous entry was the 3000th entry here)
  • That I can open the first window on my advent calendar
  • That is is 15 years since the two sections of the Channel Tunnel first met
  • That mailman will send out its monthly password reminders again


  1. What kind of advent calendar did you get? Mine is a totally cool LEGO advent calendar that has a new toy every day!

  2. Dave: Dude, that rocks!
    Mine is a Celebrations calendar, so you get a different mini chocolate bar every day – either Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Malteasers, Bounty, Galaxy, Galaxy Caramel or Galaxy Truffle. Mmmm…
    Today was a Milky Way, incidently.

  3. Being 1st December means it’s 24 days until Christmas.

  4. well when its 1st december it means its 24 days to xmas

  5. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…”
    Do they use that expression in the UK?