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Firefox 1.5

Firefox 1.5 is out. Actually, it’s been out for a while, albeit in the form of 1.5 RC3, so you may already have it, but now it’s available to the unwashed masses.
Note that only the more popular localisations are currently available, so as yet there’s no British English version, but usually it’s a matter of days until limeyfied versions are released. You can, of course, install the US English version instead.
As for new features – if you’re upgrading from 1.0.x, consider the following highlights:

  • Tabs that you can drag and re-order
  • Re-designed options dialog
  • Easier way of deleting your personal data
  • Faster Back button
  • More powerful extensions
  • Better security
  • Nicer error messages
  • Better popup blocking

And, once you’ve installed this update, future updates will be much smaller as you will no longer have to download the whole browser all over again, just the bits that have changed. Mac users will also find that Firefox runs better, though at the expense of support for Mac OS X 10.1 (Puma). You’ll now need either OS X Jaguar, Panther or Tiger.
So what are you waiting for? Upgrade today!


  1. And now it’s on the .commercial website… I have no problem running the US version, makes no difference to me.

  2. Oh yeh, and for web developers there is SVG support and the addition of the WhatWG canvas element.

  3. It seems like I’ve used 1.5 forever. I pretty much have, I used it from the day Deer Park Alpha 1 was released.

  4. Sure there’s a British English one. You might have to download a previous release and upgrade to get it though.

  5. Firefox 1.5 is out

    Firefox 1.5 is out and available for download. Well technically speaking, its RC3 version was out for quite sometime but this is the real, white washed and bug free version. The new features that I noticed are: The tabs…

  6. Been running 1.5 since the first beta. Rock solid release and is only getting better.
    Seems to run nicely on OS X as well. Only complaint is that some stuff on a page (form buttons for example) aren’t styled like they should be on OS X.

  7. Chris – you can make the form elements pretty by using Firefoxy. Just unpack Firefoxy somewhere and then drag the Firefox application icon onto it. Do the same again to de-pretty-fy the widgets again.

  8. Draggable tabs. Oh hell yes. Thank you for mentioning that.

  9. Hmmm. Well, I’ve installed it. I wish it wouldn’t select the tab when I go to reorder them. But mostly I’m dismayed that some of my favorite extensions – TargetAlert, Greasemonkey, and Mozilla Archive Format – aren’t compatible with 1.5 yet. Hopefully new versions of those will be released soon.

  10. I’ll wait a few days until my extensions have (hopefully) been updated. How have you guys fared with your extensions?

  11. Greasemonkey has now been updated for 1.5 – open your Extensions window and click ‘Find Updates’, then download the update.
    As for the other extensions, you can use Nightly Tester Tools to force the extension to work. Obviously it’s at your own risk as there’s no guarantee that the extension will actually work but you can try it. I had to use this for undoclosetab, but all my other extensions work fine in 1.5.

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  13. Maybe the choice may be difficult for PC users.. but for me on MAC, Firefox is definitely the best browser. IE for Mac is SO SLOW it makes no sense to use it.

  14. I’m looking for a way to push the update to Firefox 1.5 out to all clients on a Windows 2003 LAN.
    Is this do-able?