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Firefox on Solaris 8

Screenshot of the Firefox main window in Solaris 8 Screenshot of the Firefox about window in Solaris 8 Screenshot of the Firefox themes dialog in Solaris 8
This is what Firefox 1.0.7 looks like under Solaris 8. This was mostly done as an exercise to see if I could actually get Firefox to run under Solaris, which obviously I could – Sun contributes builds of official releases designed for Solaris, though as you may be able to tell from the About screen these builds do not carry any official branding other than the Firefox name.
I’d show you more but things like the Options dialog caused the program to crash, however this is probably more to do with the system I was using missing 4 required packages and having outdated versions of a further 6. It was also very slow at starting but I would attribute this to the package issues too.
The only other web browser on the system was Netscape 4.7. So you can probably see why I wanted to get Firefox running.

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