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New site features

I’ve made a couple of upgrades to the site that may interest you:

OpenID and metadata

Those of you using OpenID or LiveJournal sign-ins will now benefit from the new features in OpenID Comments 1.5 which I’ve just installed. It will now autodiscover a FOAF file or Atom feed at your OpenID URL and use it to insert your proper name (if provided), as opposed to your URL or LiveJournal username. I’m sorry that it’s taken me two weeks to get this new version of the plugin, but it’s taken me until today to actually get around to subsribing to Mark’s feed.

Subscribing to comments

I’ve been allowing those who have commented on posts to receive email updates of further comments for some time now, but I’ve now also added a form so that you can subscribe without commenting (see the new ‘receive updates’ section on the more recent entries). It’s mainly for discussions like this one where you may not want to make a comment straightaway but may want to reply later as the discussion develops.
This is actually a big change in my thinking. For a while I’ve been against using email for notifications, instead relying on Atom or RSS because I see them as superior, but to be honest in situations like these I think email actually works better so I’m offering you the choice. I’m still providing comment feeds though – they’re in RSS at the moment but they will be converted to Atom in due course. There is also the general comments feed which has the most recent comments posted across all entries.
I’m hoping these changes will promote some healthy and active discussions 🙂 .


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