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Belated happy thanksgiving

Though it’s not a holiday that we Brits celebrate (we had our fun on Guy Fawkes Night on November 5th), I just want to wish a belated happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate it.
incidentally I did actually have turkey for dinner last night, except it was turkey pieces in tandoori sauce, wrapped in pitta pockets with sour cream, courtesy of Hari. I also had a four hour meeting…


  1. Neil, why on earth would we celebrate treachery? It makes no sense at all. If you think the Turkey Day People are some kind of group to look up to then I’d suggest a quick squiz at the Declaration Of Independence which is as racist piece of literature as you’ll find anywhere. We’re not talking about nice people but a bunch of money-grubbing lawyers and businessmen. Personally I think we were smart to let them go and we’re better off without them.

  2. And your making nasty generalizations about the citizens of an entire country then judging them based on a document written over two hundred years ago makes you some kind of role model?
    There is good and bad in all peoples, and I find it sad that you think spreading hatred makes this world a better place.

  3. Neil, I didn’t make any generalisations at all as I wasn’t talking about the present day. Read my post again and then go and read some history (not the Hollywood/Mel Gibson revisionist version) and you may get a better understanding. These people that railed against the evil of the British empire went on to steal the rest of what we now call the USA and killed millions of the indigenous people in the process. It’s a holocaust but apologists refuse to acknowledge it.
    Turkey Day has nothing to do with freedom but all to do with treachery and power grabbing. Ask anyone that had their ancestors killed and their land stolen.

  4. It’s unfair, Americans get too much off 🙁

  5. I wasn’t talking about the present day either. Thanksgiving was celebrated WITH Native Americans. The atrocity of stealing their land and the genocide that followed came later. Those who did such things had forgotten what the meaning of “Thanksgiving” is.
    You need to remember that the first settlers arrived in 1620… and were long-since dead when the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.
    And when you say that all of the settlers than came to America were “money-grubbing lawyers and businessmen” you are forgetting those who came with nothing… only wanting to be free from religious prosecution. As I said… there is good and bad in all groups of people. Thanksgiving celebrates what is good, and I do look up to those early settlers who came together to live in peace and be thankful for it.

  6. Ask anyone that has idigenous blood whether Thanksgiving Day is a cause for celebration or a day or mourning. If it wasn’t for the settlers there wouldn’t have been the genocide that followed. I can’t imagine you or anyone else celebrating Stalin Day, Pol Pot Day or Hitler Day but they too were responsible for the deaths of millions.
    As for my reference to the Declaration of Independence try the section that included the line about “the merciless Indian Savages, whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions”. It’s hardly a call to freedom, is it now?
    Sadly, people in the West still have little sensitivity to those that lost their land.

  7. Ah, I see… when OTHER peoples and nations commit atrocities, you put the blame on INDIVIDUALS. Germany isn’t accountable, it was all Hitler. But when an American commits an atrocity, it’s ALL Americans who are to blame.
    It wasn’t individuals, but ALL Pilgrims who were money-grubbing lawyers and businessmen who murdered for land. It wasn’t those who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, but ALL people in the colonies who felt that Native Americans were savages. ALL people in the West have little sensitivity to those that lost their land. ALL people who celebrate Thanksgiving are celebrating the vanquishing of Indian Nations. It’s ALL of us… even those who immigrated to America just twenty years ago. No other countries have sad histories of violence again native persons… it’s just AMERICANS.
    Thanks so much for not generalizing!
    It must be exhausting to look at everything in its negative connotation. To never look for hope and generosity in a given people. To group people together by the actions of some. To selectively choose events from history while ignoring others (apparently the Spanish Conquistadors and French Traders with their offenses against Native Americans don’t rate any outrage).
    How very sad.
    It is possible to acknowledge the horrors of the past while looking for hope in the future. Even from Native Americans where Thanksgiving is concerned…
    So I guess ALL those with indigenous blood can’t be lumped together into a sweeping generalization after all.
    History is replete with violence and unspeakable evil. It is happening even today. But there is good and bad in ALL peoples. Condemning those who fight for peace and understanding by lumping them into a group with those who choose another path is just another way of spreading hatred. Isn’t there enough hate in the world today?

  8. Thanksgiving is about the triumph of capitalism over socialism!