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Last summer I used GnuPG for a bit on my laptop, mainly to see what it was like. But when my laptop’s HD failed and I had to re-install everything, I never got around to re-installing it. I’d also lost my private key and couldn’t find the backup files.
On Monday we covered PGP in one of our lab sessions, during which time we had to each create keypairs for each other. I saved the keypairs and have imported them onto my Mac, so I’m able to sign and encrypt messages again. My new public key is here if you would like to add it to your keychains – you can delete any old public keys from me if you have them as I can’t use them anymore.
GnuPG on a Mac is a much nicer experience than on Windows. The main command line client has a graphical installer, and the GPG KeyChain Access application is very nice. I’m using it in conjuction with Enigmail, which has a build for Thunderbird 1.5 RC1. It too has improved quite a bit since I last used it and now has its own key management dialog built in. My only gripe was that it wouldn’t automatically detect the location of the the GnuPG executable, which is almost always /usr/local/bin/gpg on Macs.
Cryptography is something that interests me as it’s quite a major component of my course – we have a full module devoted to cryptographic theory, as well as other mentions at a higher level in other modules.

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  1. pgp really needs to get easier to use so more people use it, it reaches critical mass and then you can actually use it all the time (otherwise it’s pointless really)