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More listiness

  • Today was supposed to be my coursework day. So as you can imagine, I have done lots of non-coursework related stuff. Yay for procrastination.
  • Much of my time was spent updating software on my laptop. I now have updated versions of, in no particular order:

    I think part of the reason behind there being so much stuff here is because I’ve mostly been using my Mac lately, so all but the most essential programs and those that automatically update have been updated. I also have less software on the Mac, partly because I haven’t had it as long but also because some apps, such as PDFCreator, are redundant on Mac OS X since their functions are built in to the OS.

  • Talking of Mac OS X, I finally found out how to change the printing options. It’s been sat in front of me all this time, but I didn’t realise that you had to use the Copies & Pages dropdown to access things like whether to print in black and white or colour, or what quality settings you wanted. Personally I think that dialog is badly designed. I also switched from using the driver that shipped with OS X to Epson’s own drivers, which seem to offer more options, and include tools for checking ink levels and for cleaning the print heads. They look much nicer than their Windows equivalents.
  • Hari and I went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire at the cinema last night. Of the four films I think it’s my favourite – I enjoyed it more than the others and there’s lots of good special effects. My advice would be to see this in a cinema, rather than on DVD or downloaded illegally, as the experience is awesome. I haven’t read the book so I can’t tell you how faithful it is to the original story, but it seems to make more sense than the last one where (apparently) some key bits of the story were missed out. One word of caution, however: this is a long film – at 2 1/2 hours, I think it’s the longest yet, however the time does pass quite quickly.
  • My copy of You Could Have It So Much Better by Franz Ferdinand arrived today. Having listened to it through a couple of times I reckon it’s better than the first album – certainly it’s more upbeat, though I still think Take Me Out is their best song to date. The edition I bought had a bonus DVD with an interview and the video for Do You Want To.
  • I know it’s not even the end of November yet, but today I posted my first Christmas card. Mainly because the recipient is due to leave the country imminently. The rest will wait until it’s actually December.
  • And I also brought out my fairy lights, which surprisingly still work from last year despite only costing £1 in the first place. Got to love pound shops.
  • Tomorrow I’ll be making up for the fact I didn’t finish my coursework today and also attending a buffet lunch in the computing department’s new postgraduate centre, which is formally opening a mere 10 weeks later than planned.

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  1. “Got to love pound shops” – would make a great tagline 😉