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Your mission for today
That’s Pen-y-Ghent. I climbed it today.
In total we walked about 10 miles, which included the very steep climb up that hill which is 694 metres above sea level – lower than Skiddaw but still quite high up. Consequently my legs are rather sore.
Still, it was interesting – the weather down in the valleys was very nice, and though it clouded over when we were on top we managed to get some very good views. We also saw lots of sheep (including some with very impressive horns), some grouse, and a rabbit.


  1. Interesting, it looks really quite nice weather there. Was it freezing down your neck of the woods too?

  2. Ha! At precisely the same time, I was a few miles away, on Whernside (736m…). I’d have waved if I’d known. 😉
    I’ll publish some photos in a couple of days.