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Police Shooting

Gah. Two police officers in Bradford have been shot, one shot dead. It’s currently the headline story on the BBC News home page (UK edition).
This happened a few streets away from me and is very close to the university – I used to walk up that road in first year several times a week. A large area around the university has been cordoned off.
I probably know at least one of the people who will be investigating this too.


  1. unrelated but please don’t turn off your feed yet – my newzcrawler program (still) won’t read atom…i’m off to bug them about it again now.

  2. Turn it off now. That Andy fellow is using my name.

  3. No I’m just THE Andy – I’ve since found out that Newzcrawler released a new version this week that does support it and that you posted about atom stuff on a previous entry (which I read about 10 seconds after posting my original content)

  4. That’s Bradford for you. It’s definitely one of the worst places in the UK. I would serverly recommend people to avoid the place where I spent 4 years of my life. This stuff, maybe not the police, is pretty common in Bradford. If not guns, mugging and other nasties. Avoid.

  5. You know, after three years in Bradford I’ve not had a single problem. Two acquaintances have been mugged, but that’s two ut of a large number of people I know.
    Ah well, I shall await more accounts of Bradfordian crime with bated breath.

  6. Like any large city, Bradford has its problems. I wouldn’t single out Bradford as being the worst place in the world, it isn’t. Other cities like Manchester and Liverpool and even my home town (much smaller) have similar crimes. It’s just unfortunate that Bradford is highlighted as being one of the worst simply because of past events (emphasised greatly by the media) and the fact that it has a large mixed population.
    I loved Bradford when I was there 🙂