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London Geek Dinner

Because someone had the genius of holding a geek dinner at a weekend, myself and Hari will be going to the London Geek Dinner with Robert Scoble and Hugh McLeod on Saturday 10th December at the Texas Embassy Cantina (same place as last time, basically). The hotel is booked – £15 cheaper than last time, because it’s a weekend, and it’s split between the two of us this time – and we’re just sorting out trains.
Would be great to see some of you there if you can make it. Here are my photos from last time.

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  1. I’m going to one in London on Thursday. Not Scoble this time, and much more related to my field: Molly E. Holzschlag. But there are a lot of high-profile UK web developers going, including Andy Clarke and Andy Budd… should be an interesting night.