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Atom Migration Phase II

Some time ago I announced that it was my intention to move away completely from using RSS and use Atom 1.0 completely. Phase I was to move all Bloglines users over to the Atom feed and remove references to the RSS feed from the home page.
Phase II, which I’ve just enacted, has involved moving all users of the excerpts feed over to the Atom feed, posting a message in the main RSS feed that the feed is due to be discontinued soon, and removed all remaining RSS references.
Phase III will come shortly – changing the Comments RSS feeds to Comments Atom feeds, and phase IV will see the RSS feed turned off altogether. If you are subscribed to the main RSS feed I would advise you to switch over soon as I’m intending to discontinue that feed by the end of this year, hopefully.


  1. Good job I’ve been using the atom feed all this time then.

  2. Should just leave up a 301 redirect to the “RSS” feed. What is Atom then if not a type of RSS?

  3. Atom and RSS are both forms of ‘web feeds’, in the same way that HTML is a form of ‘web page’. You don’t go to the BBC’s HTML site, do you?
    I’ll be doing a 301 redirect later but I know that something like 5% of feed readers can’t handle Atom so I’m giving people a chance to change. I want to stick to one format to avoid confusion and I see Atom as being the superior of the two.

  4. I would keep both up. By not supporting RSS you will, as said, lose some readers. And readers mean money 😀

  5. What is happening to the feedburner feeds?