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Walking on sunshine

There is something seriously wrong with the weather at the moment. We’ve had glorious sunshine for the past few days, and it’s also forecast for today. And tomorrow. And the weekend. And into next week.
This is not right. First of all, this is Bradford, where it’s supposed to be raining all the time. It’s also the middle of November and we should really be heading into winter. But no, we got lots of sun. And this isn’t one forecaster saying this – it’s all of the ones I’ve checked.
Of course, being November, rather than have hot sunny days, we have bitterly cold sunny days, with the maximum temperatures hovering around the 6°C mark and the minimums dipping below freezing, so it’s not all good – at least with some cloud cover it would be a bit warmer and I wouldn’t have to keep turning the central heating up.

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