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Bullets and Arrows

  • I’m still having mouse problems – or ‘mousifers’ as Hari calls them. I put out two traps on Sunday with pieces of jaffa cake on them, and came in yesterday to find that the little buggers had eaten both of the jaffa cake pieces without setting either trap off. I’ve tried again, this time with large chunks of Penguin biscuit – so far, both traps went off without catching anything and one piece of biscuit has been rather well nibbled. I’ve been told that slightly melted Mars bar is best so I’ll try that, but if not it’ll be poison – still, I’d rather not have to search the house for mouse carcasses.
  • Speaking of Hari, today is our one month anniversary. She’s currently on campus practising for a Christmas concert but I’ve cooked her chinese sweet and sour chicken for dinner.
  • Cyberduck seems to be a good, free FTP client for Mac OS X. I used it properly for the first time today and it worked well – a simple, attractive interface and good ease of use. It’s open source, available in a variety of languages and works with Growl. Along with Adium, there are now two duck icons in my dock, along with a thunderbird, a firefox and a frog (Azureus).
  • Also for Mac OS X is RCDefaultApp, a preference pane that lets you easily set the default application for particular file types. Handy.
  • UK users of the iTunes Music Store may like this week’s free single of the week. The song is called The Great Escape and it’s by a band called We Are Scientists – if Franz Ferdinand, The Killers and the like are your thing then check it out.
  • I’m having a caption competition on this photo – any contributions are welcome. There’s a couple of good ones there already. As for the photo, I was just pratting about with macam, which as you can see mostly works. That said it’s currently stuck in my dock as running (though its process is not listed in Activity Monitor) and I can’t close it, even using Force Quit, nor can I relaunch it. I expect it’ll go away with a reboot.
  • Tomorrow I’m off into town to do some shopping I think – need to start writing those Christmas cards…
  • And sorry for there being no arrows in this post, despite the title. I’m running out of phrases with the word ‘bullets’ in them.

Update: Came back from the pub to find a ex-mouse attached to one of the traps. Poor thing got its leg stuck and bled to death 🙁 . Oh well.


  1. Re: bait: I think you have to use something slightly sticky, which would require a decent tug to remove, thereby triggering the trap. Drier foods are too easy to steal, or to eat without disturbing the trap.
    Have you considered landmines? Hmm. Just me, then.

  2. BTW Neil according to B$ you are more important than Asa 😀

  3. “Neil searches after glueing his hand to his face”
    I tried cyberduck for a while but it screwed up uploading MT, I think it uploaded the perl .cgi files as binary. After that I didn’t feel I could trust it and ended up buying transmit.