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More spam than you can shake a stick at

Since redirecting any catchall mail to another account two weeks ago, my main mailbox has been largely spam-free, which has been nice. However, since I’ve used a number of aliases at this domain over the past few months, I wanted to check if any mail had been lost in there instead of being sent on to me.
As it happens, there was only a bit of lost mail, most of which was marketing gunk anyway. But in the two weeks since changing the mail settings I’ve had almost 20 000 bounce messages, with new ones coming in even today. I now have some filters set up in the Webmail program on the server so that I can delete the majority of it very quickly, but I will keep checking to see if any legitimate mail accidently slips in there.
Also, apologies if you couldn’t comment on here earlier – my host’s MySQL database server was being overloaded (too many connections). It’s working now.

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