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12 new photos

Looking out of the Window Thanks to an email that I misread I ended with more free time today than I expected, so I’ve used it to upload several photos to Flickr that I’ve been sat on for some time, plus some from the past couple of days. You can view them all here – they include photos from yesterday in York, a visit to the National Museum of Film, Photography and Television on Friday, some residual photos from a recent hike and a Halloween photo.
Most of those taken at the museum were on my cameraphone, which is a Nokia 6230i and has a 1.3 megapixel camera. The camera isn’t bad when used outside, but many of the indoor pictures have a high level of noise which makes them look quite muddy. Recently I’ve been using the demo version of Neat Image to remove the noise and it’s been working quite well – while the images aren’t perfect afterwards, they’re certainly an improvement. Therefore today I bought the full version which has more options and no nag screens.

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