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Escape from the mess

I’ve given up waiting for Bloglines to fix their support for Atom 1.0 feeds with inline XHTML, so I’ve switched back to using a block of HTML code escaped using CDATA. Hopefully this will mean that it now displays correctly in Bloglines without the whitespace issue affecting it.
Update: Ooops, made a booboo 🙂 . Should be fixed now. Honest…


  1. Horribly broken in my bloglines – all html is there as text…..

  2. Same here… looks awful I’m afraid :-\

  3. I hate to say it, but it’s not working for me either.

  4. Neil – I use bloglines. (sniffers)

  5. Yeah, I’m getting the same problems as the others now – it just shows the plain HTML tag source, rather than the article. Personally, I prefered dealing with the whitespace, but it would be damned nice if Bloglines could fix it. Have you ever sent them a message?

  6. That’s a little too escaped: CDATA *or* entity escaping will do the job, not CDATA *and*. But hoping for Bloglines to fix their Atom 1.0 problems, or other much more serious problems, is looking like a lost cause. They appear to have gone into no-maintenance mode.

  7. Your Atom feed content is escaped using entities and CDATA. I think you need to pick just one.
    Tim Bray’s Atom feed in Bloglines has been suffering from the whitespace issue forever, and it gets some embedded links wrong due to Bloglines not supporting xml:base, so I’m not holding my breath.

  8. Better since the update — thanks!