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MSN + Mac + Camera = ?

Anyone know of an Mac IM client that will let me talk to my MSN buddies using my webcam (and audio?) The official Microsoft Messenger:mac doesn’t support it, nor do Adium or Proteus as far as I can tell, and iChat AV only works with AIM. Even it did work with MSN, I’d need to buy iChatUSBCam to get it to work since iChat normally only works with the iSight camera.

The Mac version of Yahoo Messenger does work with USB webcams though, which would be good if many of my friends used Yahoo. The vast majority, however, use MSN and nothing else.

So if you know how I could get the camera working with MSN, please let me know 🙂 .

incidentally macam looks potentially useful – it’s basically a USB webcam driver thingy for OS X that lets you capture images and video. It’s even QuickTime-compatible, and works with my Logitech QuickCam Express with no problems. Doesn’t work with iChat or Image Capture though.

Update: Shaky pointed out Mercury Messenger, a Java-based MSN client that is cross-platform and supports voice and audio chat. It also seems to have one of the most complete MSN protocol implementations that I’ve seen on a non-official client, supporting many of the features of MSN 7.5. By the looks of things, AMSN also supports webcams but I’m not entirely sure – again, it’s cross platform.


  1. Oooh, thanks. That looks cool.

  2. I use aMSN and that’s good not only for audio/video chatting but also for emoticons… you have to try it